Friday, July 22, 2011


Side note...there is a fine line between candles and a fan to light and cool your RV.  :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Behind: Work, Travel, Satan's Weather, Senate Win!!

So, to sum it all up quickly because it's dark and mosquitoes are getting me::

Matt & I are in Marinette, Wiscosnin for the next 4 weeks working.  Basically we're 1 hour,north, closer to Alaska
Our phone isn't working for some reason, hence the bad laptop pics to follow.
It's been hotter than hell in Wisconsin so Matt & I are just working to make it through the heat.  We have a 6 gallon jug we fill with water and we each get three gallons poured on us whenever we dry out...Baby on the other hand seems to be in full on hell.
We won a huge election here in Wisconsin, keeping Senator Dave Hansen in his Senate seat...I guess we all saw it coming, his opponent was ridiculous.
Today was Matt's first day at work so I listened to "Woman Like A Man" by Damien Rice all day, so as not to feel too much like a house wife...some body  has to make the bed right??

Anyway, Peace for now...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

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Hot Box!!

Squirt guns and beer were our only option today! It's even too hot for babykat! Hopefully tomorrow will be cooler so we can pack up for our new job in Marrinette!
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

That Darn Mallard!!

Today Matt & I spent the day doing repairs on the "old" RV, our *86 Ford Mallard.  We really love the thing, but decided about a month ago it was too large for our trip (gas and ferry fare).  We found the Winnie and fell in love, so we've been working to sell the Mallard for about a month now.  We have 3 days left to sell it so we can afford to get to Marinette for work! Wish us luck and please help spread the word!

And in a Newlywed educational side note...when a couple is living in a 20 foot box, saying "Can I get around you?" does NOT mean, you're in my way, move asshole, or I don't love you!  :)


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Love of Our Lives....


Yup, practicing posting pictures.  I'll get there :) Peace


New blog!  We've never done this before but with the bizarre and loveable experiences Matt and I have had on the road we don't think this journal could fail.  We are working intently on selling the Mallard within the next 4 days...wish us luck!  We've been lucky enough to be offered positions working with a non-profit in Marinette, and so the journey begins!  Our list of "to do's" is very ambitious for the next week but thankfully Matt and I have always been fortunate enough to meet people who are more than willing to pitch in and help us achieve our ultimate reality.

Organize My Brain Immediately:
* Find place in Marinette to stay in the RV while working (City Park looks promising)
* Finish Thank You's from the wedding!! (Thank you by the way!)
*Buy new camera cord thing?!? so I can upload photos of our adventure
* Buy new phone so we have nationwide coverage for all those phone calls home :)

Organize My Brain for the Future:
* Establish Residency in Alaska
*Enroll at UAA (residents rate) for Anthropology ASAP
* Buy patch of land to start our remodeled RV/Trailer campground
* Become a foster family
* Expand our family
* Expand land, campground, free store and aide business for families of low income in Alaska

And ultimately our goal is to never lose our happiness.  We love to spread freedom, and the idea that working hard should be rewarded with peace, happiness, a day off, maybe a beer, and silence from our governor :)